Better Customer Experience Begins with Workforce Management Software

Workforce Management (WFM) systems help to optimize staffing and increase forecast accuracy so you always have the right number of agents available at the right time. Minimize administrative effort, improve agent engagement and schedule adherence, and reduce labor costs with our WFM solutions from Serenova.

Powerful and Flexible Solutions

Intuitive, enterprise-class workforce management solutions from Serenova. Powered by a robust forecasting and schedule optimization engine, Serenova WFM provides real-time monitoring to increase workforce productivity, reduce attrition, and save administration time.

Workforce Management Made Easy

  • Forecast
    • Forecast workloads across channels – chat, email, voice, SMS, Facebook
    • Create multiple versions of the forecast to analyze staffing needs for different scenarios
  • Schedule
    • Optimization engine produces schedules within minutes
    • Single day reoptimization makes it easier to handle unexpected events, such as absences or changes in call volume
  • Monitor
    • Real-time adherence and forecasting reports offer intraday analyses and adjustments of schedules
    • Know what’s going on at all times to improve real-time coaching and solve issues as they occur throughout the day
  • Report
    • See what matters to your organization with customizable dashboards
    • Keep track of late arrivals and early departures, break adherence, call traffic, etc. to analyze contact center performance
Workforce Optimization Process Diagram

Insightful Supervisor Dashboards

Real-time monitoring is even simpler with ProScheduler’s Supervisor Dashboard. The dashboard provides supervisors with user-friendly data and insights to efficiently manage WFM operations.

Display real-time insights, such as:

  • Performance: SLA, Queue Abandons, Work Rejected
  • Handling: Average Handle Time, Average Answer Time, Max Handle Time
  • Interactions: Interactions, Work Offered, Work Accepted
Supervisor Experience Dashboard
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