Pre-Built Salesforce Integrations For Your Call Center

The customer data in your CRM is a valuable repository of information that can help your contact center deliver a better experience while dramatically improving agents’ productivity. CxEngage, our cloud contact center solution, has pre-built integration to Salesforce, which effectively combines the benefits of both systems into one powerful solution.

Siloed Solutions Negatively Impact Agents’ Efficiency

If your CRM and contact center solution aren’t integrated, agents are forced to switch between multiple screens and applications in order to find customer data. This negatively impacts key metrics such as Call Handle Time and can increase customers’ frustration as they wait on agents to locate their information.

How Does it Work?

Our pre-built integration to Salesforce Classic and Salesforce Lightning eliminates screen switching, because the customer’s most important information from Salesforce is “popped” onto the agent’s CxEngage screen so agents have all the data they need in one window.

The agent can then easily drill down for additional details such as the customer’s interaction history across all channels. This eliminates the tedious process of switching between applications while improving efficiency and the customer experience.

Salesforce Integration Benefits

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Boost Agent Productivity

By integrating CxEngage and Salesforce, agents have one, unified screen that gives them the customer’s details, and they can easily drill down for additional information. No more inefficient switching between multiple screens and applications to look up customer information.

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Tailor the Customer Experience

Agents can easily customize interactions, because they’ll have immediate access to key customer information from Salesforce such as previous interaction history. It also eliminates asking customers to repeat basic information such as their address and phone number.

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Improve Call Handling Metrics

Decrease handle time and make agents more efficient and productive by putting key customer data at their fingertips.

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Route Interactions Intelligently

CxEngage can use Salesforce data to make intelligent routing decisions to improve the customer experience. For example, an incoming call’s phone number can be automatically looked up in Salesforce to determine if the caller is a VIP customer. The call can then be routed to the appropriate agent who has the necessary information and/or skills to appropriately personalize the interaction.

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Implement a True Omnichannel Strategy

Agents can respond to customers in any channel or pivot seamlessly across channels without switching between applications. CxEngage’s integration with Salesforce supports phone, email, chat, SMS, and Facebook messaging.

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Ready to Improve Your Customer Experience?

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Zendesk Integration

Combine Zendesk’s powerful, service-centric CRM and ticket management system with CxEngage for a true omnichannel customer experience.

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Workforce Optimization

Our pre-built integration works with leading third-party workforce optimization solutions from Verint, Teleopti, and Calabrio.

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