Unified Cloud Architecture

One of our goals in building our contact center solution, CxEngage, was to develop a powerful, unified cloud architecture that breaks down silos while building up possibilities. A unified architecture eliminates juggling multiple, disparate systems that each have a different function. Instead, CxEngage unifies your various technologies, data, and processes to deliver insight-rich customer experiences.

Fits in Your Ecosystem

Using CxEngage doesn’t mean turning your current business upside down. Instead, CxEngage fits into your ecosystem by giving you choices such as using our native functionality or integrating with preferred third-party solutions.

Get Insightful Reporting

If your CRM data is separate from your contact center solution, you’re probably spending lots of time creating multiple reports and manipulating data. Along the way, you may miss critical business insights.

CxEngage is designed to deeply integrate with your CRM for visibility that’s nearly impossible to get any other way. Use our pre-built integrations to Salesforce or Zendesk or develop your own integration to your preferred CRM. By eliminating data silos, you’ll have a unified system that’s more powerful together than separate.

Enhance Agent Productivity & Improve Call Handling

Separate systems can negatively impact agents’ productivity and call handling metrics, because they’re forced to switch between multiple screens during customer interactions.

CxEngage integrates with your CRM, so agents can work from a single interface rather than constantly toggling between applications. It also helps personalize interactions, because agents have the customer’s most critical and current information at their fingertips. In turn, the customer experience is enhanced and call handle times are reduced.

Deliver a Consistent Experience Across Channels

Omnichannel is all about delivering a consistent experience, regardless of the channel your customers choose to use. Since we utilize a unified architecture, CxEngage can easily share data across channels so both customers and agents have the same experience.

For instance, if a customer contacts you via email and later switches to phone, your agents will have all the information from the email session so they can utilize it during the phone call. Customers don’t need to repeat themselves and agents can easily pick up where the last agent left off.

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