AWS-Powered Call Center Infrastructure

CxEngage, our cloud contact center solution, is hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS), the leading provider of secure cloud computing services. AWS is used by millions of organizations worldwide, and it is currently the fifth largest business software company in the world. Gartner has named AWS a leader in its Infrastructure as a Service Magic Quadrant for seven consecutive years.

Other cloud contact vendors expand by deploying in a building block approach where new servers must be physically deployed in a data center to meet demand. Serenova’s architecture is elastic, so additional capacity can be dynamically added through auto-scaling, which eliminates the risk of siloed data, breakdowns in reporting, and the separation of your data − all of which are weaknesses in the building block approach.

AWS Benefits

Rather than re-inventing the wheel by building our own data center services or relying on an inefficient pod architecture like other vendors, we use AWS, because it gives us overwhelming advantages that benefit you:

Stone representing rock solid stability

Rock-Solid Stability

AWS’s resiliency and redundancy protect against downtime. In fact, our SLA guarantee’s it.

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Focus On The Fundamentals

By using AWS, we eliminated the need to develop or managing our own datacenter. Rather, we can focus on delivering value by building an outstanding cloud contact center solution.

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Enormous Global Reach

AWS lets you place your contact centers and agents anywhere in the world – in an instant. Agents can be located anywhere, including remote offices or working from home, as long as they have a browser and Internet connection.

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Rapid Deployment

Since there’s no hardware to deploy or software to maintain, you can spin up new contact centers quickly with a minimum of effort.

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Instant Scalability

Scale up or down, on-demand, to support spikes in contact center volumes or roll back capacity when it’s no longer needed.


Air-Tight Security

We ensure security by using a combination of AWS controls and Serenova processes. The result is a comprehensive security framework for all layers of your cloud contact center.

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